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Exciting Online Greyhound Betting Options

Individuals new to the thrilling world of betting are waking up to what experienced punters have known for a long time: just how much fun and money wagering on greyhound races is able to deliver. Thanks to how easy it is to lay these bets nowadays, thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, more and more are choosing to do so as well, and there has been a huge upsurge in the popularity of this kind of betting. The turnaround time attached to the individual races is lightning-fast, and the payouts that punters can look forward to are also far more quickly processed than those for other types of racing events are, making it a win-win situation on all fronts.

How easy it is to lay wagers on the outcome of a greyhound race is staggering: thanks to the incredible technological developments we currently enjoy, there is hardly a place on earth that does not allow us to instantly connect to the internet by means of laptops; desktops; smartphones; and tablets. Punters do not have to be physically present at these races in order for them to enjoy taking part in them by means of wagering anymore, and are able to take advantage of instant access to all of the news which may serve to influence a race’s outcome, as well as get their hands on the best prices; odds; and markets for each of these.

Familiar Markets for Greyhound Online Betting Options

Bettors who are new to the world of greyhound racing online betting  on mobile options will be thrilled to discover that they offer very similar wagers to the ones laid on horses and other racing events. Win betting is probably the most well-liked wager for this sport, and it is also a great bet for beginners to find their feet with. All that is required is that the punter select the dog they feel is most likely to win the race in question, and correctly doing so will boost his or her bankroll according to the odds attached to that particular dog.

Place betting will offer punters shorter odds than the Win wager is able to, and consists of the selection of dogs to place at the first; second; and third positions when the greyhound race has been run.

Punters are able to combine these two bets, as well, if they wish to, and make their estimation as to which greyhound will win, and which will place in the first three positions, and this wager is known as an Each Way bet. Essentially made up of two distinct bets, it provides punters with two ways to collect their payouts, rather than just one, and, should the dog the punter has selected for the win end up doing so, money will be paid out for both bets. Should it only arrive second or third, only the Place wager will be able to offer the payout.

More Complex Markets for Greyhound Betting

Punters interested in making things a little more interesting can look to the more complex bet types in order to do so, and are advised to investigate the options that Quinella and Box Quinellas are able to offer them.