Finding iPad Casino Poker Pursuit Options

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Keen fans of online gaming that are also on Team Apple will need very little encouragement to try out iPad casino poker pursuit. This variation of poker is as quick and simple to play as video poker, but it gives players the added opportunity of being able to increase a bet twice during each hand. This allows players to increase the stakes riding on strong hands, hopefully securing them bigger wins.

The term iPad casino poker pursuit refers to those poker pursuit titles available at mobile casinos that are compatible with the iPad’s iOS software. In a massive, fast-growing and competitive market, most mobile casinos nowadays ensure that they are available across as many software platforms as possible. So all the top mobile casinos worth a player’s while to try out will have games coded to play equally well on iPads and iPhones, and the best will also include iPad casino poker pursuit among their games selection.

How to Play iPad Casino Poker Pursuit

This iPad casino online gameis similar to video poker in that the player is simply hoping for the best poker hand possible. They do not compete against the dealer or other players, but unlike video poker, iPad casino poker pursuit does not allow the player to discard any cards and draw more. The player is simply dealt five cards in succession from a standard 52-card deck, and then any winning combinations in the hand are paid according to the pay table.

iPad casino poker pursuit gives players a chance to increase their wins on strong hands. Play is as follows: the player places a bet and is dealt three cards. The player then has the option to Call or Raise. Once that decision is made, a fourth card is dealt, and the player must again choose the Call or Raise option. The final card is dealt, and the hand assessed according to the pay table. Most iPad casino poker pursuit variations will pay out for a Pair of 10s or better.

Advantages of iPad Casino Poker Pursuit

The chance to increase wagers is an undoubted advantage in poker pursuit, whether it is played in land-based casinos or online. iPad casino poker pursuit, of course, has the added advantage of being mobile. Players get to enjoy casino games on their iPads wherever and whenever they feel like it.

Some mobile casinos offer iPad casino poker pursuit in an instant-play version, accessed through the iPad browser. Others will allow players to download casino apps that include iPad casino poker pursuit among their games.

When playing for real money, like wagering in internet cricket betting Australia, whether via instant play or an app, a player will require an online connection. The added advantage of playing with an iPad casino poker pursuit app, however, is that the player can enjoy the game for fun, without wagering real money and getting some practice at the same time, even when they have no access to an online connection.

Knowing when to Bet Big

The key to success in iPad casino poker pursuit is to know the odds well enough to be able to identify strong three- and four-card hands, and raise the bets accordingly. The player also needs the discipline to recognise hands with little chance of producing a win, so they stick with the original stake and minimise their losses.