Choosing Mobile Slots for Casino Entertainment on the Go

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Mobile slots refer to online casino slot machines that are accessed via a players mobile device, be it a smart phone, a tablet or even a smart watch. Gone are the days when a player has to go all the way into the casino just to have a go on the slot machines or pokies.

These days the adventurous Australian can access mobile slots from pretty much anywhere, so long as they have a suitable mobile device and a good Internet connection. Mobile slots are truly mobile, meaning that they are accessible at anytime and anywhere. Players can now enter the world of mobile slots on the bus, at home in their comfy chair, walking to work or even in work break.

Where to Find Mobile Slots

Mobile slots are available to pretty much anyone with an internet connection and a suitable device. Simply go into either your app store or your web browser and search for mobile slots. You will have one of two choices at this point.

Either you can now download an app, which will be saved, to your phone, or you can access mobile slots via a browser based internet casino. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, it is simply up to the particular player to choose which one suits them best, At this point players will also notice that they have the choice between free online mobile slots, or ones that are played for real money. The free mobile slots use free money and do not require the amount of set up as the mobile slots that are played for real money.

Again, there are advantages and disadvantages to this. Obvious advantage is you cannot lose any money, but you cannot win any money either. Real money mobile slots are usually hosted by very secure online casinos, and have all sorts of bonuses and promotions attached. To qualify to play these mobile slots, a player will have to provide proof of identification and have a viable bank account.

Types of Mobile Slots

There are two main types of mobile optimized online slots Australia available on the market today, three reel slots and five reel or Video slots. Three reel slots are the more traditional type that old players will recognise. These boast only one payline and five spinning reels. The aim for all slots is to line up three or more identical symbols in a row on the reels. Three reel slots obviously have less chance of this happening than five reel slots.

Three reel slots also don’t often have all the added extras such as bonus rounds and free spins. Five reel or Video Slots are a different breed. The aim is still the same, to line up three or more identical symbols on the reels, but these slots can have up to 50 reels and numerous paylines. Symbols can be lined up from left to right, right to left or even diagonally. These slots also often have extras such as separate bonus rounds, special symbols, and free spins. The variety of slots available on mobile devices is not as great as on other platforms, but developers are coming out with new ones and converting old favourites to the mobile slot platform every day.