Brick and Mortar The Star City Casino in Review for Gamblers

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Land based casinos seem to be getting a pretty hard rap as of late, what with all the new and ever growing possibilities online now more and more easily available. This however, is essentially like comparing apples and oranges as the two, offline and online casinos, are really completely different experiences. Now of course there are similarities between the two platforms of casino gaming, certainly a lot of the gaming is essentially the same stuff. But it is the delivery of these games and the atmosphere that is created at these two platforms that make all the difference.

So if players want to play in a more visceral and vivid setting as well as a perhaps more sociable one, then there are still these land based casinos around the world waiting for them. One of these such casinos is the formerly known as Star city casino, now Star Sydney, situated in Australia. This casino is capable of going head to head with many of the better casinos around the world and boasts a considerably sized casino and a goodly range of games within.

A Closer Look at Star City Casino

This casino was first opened in September of 1995 as the Sydney Harbour Casino. Later it became the Star city casino, a name that is still well known within the gaming community. More recently however the name of Star Sydney was adopted. The casino is situated in Pyrmont in Sydney, Australia and is the second largest casino in the country. Just in terms of size and grandeur the atmosphere of such a place can only really be astounding.

In terms of features and possibilities the Star city casino is rather well endowed, displaying a few of the better standards for a land based hotel and casino. This casino hosts two floors for its gaming and 350 hotel rooms available for those players keen to stay for a little while and turn it into a holiday. This is actually quite appealing as an option because there are also several restaurants, a good couple of bars and even a 2000 seating event theatre.

This is all excluding the actual games themselves, of which there are a good couple for players to try and test. These include the likes of top table game classics like the venerable card games of poker and blackjack as well as the likes of games like roulette and craps. There are also a wide range of pokies or slot machines for the players to enjoy, these come in all sorts of variety and style.

The Inherent Benefits to Land Based Casinos

So it’s been mentioned that casinos on land have a unique sense of atmosphere, one created by the spectacle and glamour of these fine establishments. Additional to this, the association with casinos like the Star city casino and the popular culture and tradition tied to the industry adds a certain gene Sequa to the entire operation. Either way the point of the matter is that top casinos like this one carry with them something the online casinos cannot offer, and vice versa, so it falls to the players to pick the environment they want.